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Angels Log Homes Building Standards

  • We adhere to International Log Building Association's Log Building Standards for residential,
    handcrafted, interlocking, scribe-fit construction, AND Canada's National Building Code
  • We can build with spruce, pine, fir, Douglas fir, and cedar - you decide.
  • Logs are chosen for quality, and peeled by hand. All surfaces are plane-cut, not sanded, to give you a smoother, cleaner finish. Ask about the wide variety of notches and surface finishes we offer.
  • Many builders use log-tongs to move logs. These leave holes in logs: we don't believe in marring the beauty of your logs.
  • We use EMSEAL - a high tech sealant tape (gasket) that expands and contracts with logs.
  • We use a borate "yard treatment" that has been rated as environmentally preferable, certified by Environment Canada's EcoLogo program.
  • We use sheep's wool batting, not fibreglass, to insulate between lateral grooves and notches.
  • We use Roxul (fire-resistant insulation made from stone & slag) in walls and roof.
  • We use zero (or low) voc stains, paints, glues, building materials and finishes.
  • We build solar ready - if you are not installing solar now, you might want to later!
  • We adhere to safety standards on job sites. We want our employees to feel safe at work. For that reason, we use the safety equipment provided for our industry, and our job sites are drug and alcohol free.
  • We educate our customers to the best of our ability on options and maintenance. Our commitment to building environmentally-friendly homes includes providing you with information, resources, and sources that will enhance your home - inside and out. Ask about our log home design seminars.