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Process & Terminology

Checking Longitudinal splits in a log resulting from internal stresses caused by drying
Grain Direction of arrangement of fibres in wood
Header Structural log that supports other logs (such as joists or rafters) where they are cut around a horizontal opening, such as a window or door
Lateral Groove Groove cut the length of a log (under side) so that it will fit onto the log sitting below
Lintel Horizontal log spanning an opening in a wall, such as a door.
Mortise Square or rectangular recess cut into a log where a tenon will fit
Notch Recess cut into a log, where another log will fit into.
Plate Log Log on the top of a wall that supports the rafters
Purlin Horizontal roof beams, running parallel with the wall.
Rabbet Three sided groove cut into log.
Ridge The top-most purlin.
Scriber Tool used to mark parallel lines to match log-on-top-of-log.
Sill Bottom log for wall, door, or window.
Tenon A square or rectangular extension at the end of a log to fit into a mortise
Truss Part of the roof support system - supports purlins and ridges