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Do you have plans we can look at?
Yes. Dave is certainly able to work with existing plans, if you have some you like, but he really believes that every house should be designed to suit the land. He can design a home for you that will truly be part of your land - and your lifestyle. Or we can recommend a draftsman or architect; see our links page.

What kind of houses do you build?
We build log and timber frame. These techniques can be applied to many different buildings, including houses, cabins, retreats, offices, shops, duplexes - the list goes on and on! Yet the nature of log construction ensures that every building is completely unique - as no two trees are identical. Logs make for a very earthy construction that no other material can match, grounded to nature. We can also build "hybrid" homes, if you want the log or timber frame look in certain rooms (for example the Great Room) but want to save money by building stick frame in others. We can even provide log accents. If you are looking for an historically accurate building, we will do the research to make that happen for you, or work from photos if you have a bit of family history that you want to resurrect.

How long does it take? Do you work in the winter?
Much depends on you having a prepared site and having your financing in place, as well as the size of the house you were planning. We do work through the winter (at least until we hit -30°C!), so don't think that you have to wait for spring. Generally a log shell can be completed in a couple of months; the finish work can be several more months, perhaps 4 - 8 months.

How do you calculate the cost?
Log builders normally quote per lineal foot of log work. Many things affect the cost, including such factors as your choice of building materials and the complexity of your plan, especially the number of corners (notches) and the complexity of your roof system. If you have working drawings, we can give you an accurate quote. A floor plan on a napkin will give you a rough guess.

How can I save money? Start with your design.

  • Build a smaller house.
  • Eliminate an open loft with expensive beam work; use pre-fabricated roof trusses.
  • Instead of building a second floor, build your basement walls 4 - 5 feet above ground level so that you can install full-size windows and make your basement a usable, sunny space.
  • Sweat-equity: You sweat (help build your house, with our supervision and instruction) and you save money on labour costs.
  • Simplify. A design that involves lots of corners and complex roof designs = more money.
  • Try incorporating salvaged cabinets, hardware, etc.
  • Different types of notches and finishes can dramatically impact the price. Some simply require more labour to create = more money. Ask us if your choice of notches or face finishes is a costly one.
  • Use local logs.
You should be able to completely off-set the costs of getting off the grid by applying these tips

Can I help build?
Owners are welcome to participate in the building process, under Dave's direction and with proper insurance in place. We welcome the opportunity to train members of your community to do what we do.

Other services we can provide for you:
  • Additions
  • Restoration
  • Carpentry (by carpenters trained in the complexities of working with settling logs
  • Sanding
  • Staining
  • Chinking
  • Maintenance
  • Deck Repair and Construction
  • Sustainable Landscape Design

Looking for help understanding the log house construction process?
We recommend Robbin Obomsawin's book Small Log Homes: Storybook Plans and Advice; or another book by her titled Log Cabin Classics, for prospective log home owners. Both books have a lot of excellent information for someone building a log home (regardless of size) whether you plan to build your log house yourself, or hire a company like Angels Log Homes Inc. to build it for you. She will walk you through all of the stages of making a log home dream come true - from design to construction. And don't hesitate to call Dave either - he is happy to explain any aspect of log house construction!