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Building Codes and Standards

Building codes have been developed to protect you and your builder. When these codes are adhered to, your home will
have been built to a safe standard. This is where the Building Inspector comes in. It is their job to ensure that the rules have
been followed, as it is assumed that the owner is not likely to recognize problems. There is no arguing with a building inspector. Once they have made their report, you must comply with their requirements, if there are repairs required or errors of omission, they must be rectified and within a certain time frame. This is why it is wise to have good working drawings done up by a reputable draftsman, as they are the first line of catching missed components. And yes, you will need building permits. Then you need a builder who not only knows about the building code, but applies it. Don't assume that every builder does. Ask. If you are hiring tradesmen, look for tradesmen with Journeyman status. They are trained in the building code. Guys with a truck and some tools that charge $ 15.00 an hour under the table and call themselves handymen might be able to fix something, but should not be building your house. The money you saved will likely be spent several times over later in repairing the errors. Not to mention what happens if an accident takes place on your property. There are two old-fashioned sayings that apply here:

  • You get what you pay for
  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Provincial Building Code

Log Building Standards

Same thing as above. Make sure that your draftsman and/or architect know about these standards, and use them. There are builders who don't know that there are standards, and some who do who can't be bothered to apply them. The standards are there to ensure that your house has the best chance of being draft-free, solid, and able to resist weather damage, especially water and rot. Ask. Read them for yourself. They can be obtained through the ILBA: International Log Builders' Association