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May 22, 2009

"Angels Log Homes built my wife and myself and our baby a beautiful Log Home in [the Yukon]. They worked very efficiently. They were friendly and the quality of their work was really excellent. They also willingly shared their carpentry skills with me and taught me how to finish the house. The end product has impressed most of all the community. It is the most viewed house in town and people in other communities have heard about it through the grapevine and drive by to look at it. People were also surprised (almost shocked) at how fast the building went up. We can hardly wait to move in and raise our family in my dream home." Happy Log Homeowners (name and location withheld for privacy)


(L to R) Bill, Matt, Ryan, Uncle Don, Don - Great Crew! Angels Log Homes (temporary) construction safety guard rail for loft floor Angels Log Homes dormer gable under construction (with notch out for ridge beam)
Angels Log Homes installation of metal roof system